i-Fischer® DIST D-2892 CCi-Fischer® DIST D-2892 CC

Fully Computer Controlled Distillation System according to ASTM D2892 (TBP)

For our brand FISCHER® technology this product will be named FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800 AC.

The i-Fischer® DIST D-2892 CC / FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800 AC is a fully computer controlled unit of turn- key design, and ready for use after installation and commissioning. The system is fully housed and equipped with doors in the front and rear to satisfy safety requirements and to facilitate service aspects.

The automatic fraction collector with 20 receivers includes a built-in internal balance for the determination of the fraction weight, while the separate volume follower system is used for discharging the fractions into the final receivers and the determination of the fraction volume as well as for the direct distillation rate control.

The vacuum equipment and the control system are designed for highest accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data.

Also available are the i-Fischer® DIST D-2892 CC - 100 ltr, 150 ltr, 250 ltr and 500 ltr fully automated computerised distillation systems acc. to ASTM D2892 equipped with a set of comprehensive safety features in correlation with the applicable EU Machine Directives and refinery standards. Numerous optional items available.

i-Fischer® DIST D-2892 CC



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