ILUDEST® Single Case Controllers

Comprehensive range of microprocessor operated units for various control modes/functions.

The indication and modification of all set points and actual values is done via touchscreen LCD. With optional Ethernet interface for the communication with a PC and CAN-BUS for the connection to other controller types.

ILUDEST® Single Case Controllers

  • [DC/U]³ Distillation Control Unit

    With the following functions:

    • controlling of heating capacity (puls-package principle, 0-100 %)
    • adjustment of: reflux-/withdrawal ratio from 0:999…999:0 (s) total reflux, total withdrawal
    • display of sump and head temperature
    • possibility to preselect safety limit values, reaching of the same will lead to a total shut down of the distillation process

  • [SU]³ Safety Unit

    For the connection of an existing heating mantle, a heating bath or any other heating element (max. capacity 3.0 kW), whereby the power supply of the used element – an acoustic as well as an optical alarm will be released simultaneously and a relais output is activated – will be interrupted in case of:

    • deficiency of cooling water supply
    • violation of 2 temperature limits (Pt-100)
    • violation of the minimum level for the reboiler content (response level value can be adjusted full scale)

  • [TA]³ Temperature Display

    Digital indicating instrument for the connection of up to 8 Pt-100 PRTs (Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Pt-100 sensors).

  • [VC]³ Vacuum Controller

    Digital on-off controller with set-point adjustment and display of the actual value. Measuring- and control range might be adapted, following the process requirements and the used pressure sensor type.

  • [LC]³ Level Controller

    For the connection of an ILUDEST level indicator. With one of the following switch outputs (standard option):

    • 230 V, 16 A
    • 24 V, 1 A
    • potential-free contact

  • [RT]³ Reflux Timer

    reflux-/withdrawal time adjustable: 0:999...999:0, total reflux, total withdrawal temperature range: 0...350.0 °C accuracy: +/- 0.1°C (to reach the best accuracy, the controller can be calibrated with the corresponding Pt-100 sensor)

  • [LS]³ Power Controller

    With the following functions:

    • power setting in 1% steps (0...100%)
    • additional analogue input for control voltage (0…10 V = 0…100%)

  • [DP]³ Differential Pressure Controller

    • For display of column differential pressure
    • To „adjust“ a constant column load
    • To adjust the optimum separation efficiency of the column
    • with possibility to adjust the controller parameters (PID-controllers); thus, offering an optimum in adapting the controller to the requirements of the existing plant and process, respectively.
    • measuring range: 1...50 mbar (as required)
    • control range: 1...50 mbar (as required)

  • Accessories


    ILUDEST® program for data evaluation in WINDOWS, for the data transfer from one of the controllers described above via the interface RS 232 to an existing PC, for visualisation and data logging.

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