30% commercial yield increase in the few months of use

In many refineries there are still untapped opportunities for process optimization.

This is exactly where the concept of ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH comes in: Laboratory plants for crude oil distillation from ILUDEST®, which are designed/manufactured strictly according to ASTM standards, help to optimally utilize the performance of refineries and to considerably increase their technical/economic efficiency. The more accurate and reliable the process data obtained in the laboratory, the more efficiently the refinery can be operated.
A project served by ILUDEST® at the end of 2019 at Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited in Bangkok/Thailand shows how much unlocked potential there is for the economically optimized operation of an oil refinery:
For example, due to the exact and permanently reliable laboratory data from the ILUDEST systems used (brand FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800 AC - 30 ltr according to ASTM D2892 and FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800 AC/HV - 6/6 ltr according to ASTM D5236), the Bangchak refinery was able to achieve a significantly better product yield after only a few months of use, thereby increasing its commercial yield by about 30%.
 ILUDEST FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800 AC/HV - 6/6 ltr according to ASTM D5236ILUDEST FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800 AC - 30 ltr


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